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The Best You’ve Ever Had – revision

Posted on: July 19, 2009

Woah, woah, get your head out of the gutter, this how-to is squeaky clean and will leave you with a great final product.  Whether it is lunch or a late night snack you crave, when you feel that hunger rumble in your belly, here’s what you do.

What you need:
two slice wheat bread
one vine-ripe tomato
sharp cheddar cheese
one can bumble bee white chunk tuna in water
cutting board
various kitchen utensils
working oven
bag of chips of your preference
jar of dill pickles

Preheat your over broiler on a medium heat.

From your refrigerator grab: one ripe tomato, a block of sharp cheddar cheese, your mayo and Italian dressing of choice, and two slices of a hearty wheat bread.  Place ingredients on a cutting board on your counter, you are now ready to begin making the best tuna melt you will ever have.

From your silverware drawer grab a spoon, fork and steak knife. With the steak knife cut 5,  1/4 inch thick slices of cheddar cheese, place the cheese neatly on one of the pieces of wheat bread.  Place the two pieces of bread under the broiler, make sure to keep an eye on the bread, it is a vital part your final product. It is important to rotate and flip the bread so that is cooked evenly. Important: you want the cheese to melt just until it is soft, do not let it get bubbly, the taste of over cooked and/or burned cheese will ruin the flavor combination in the sandwich.

From your cupboard grab a can of Bumble Bee Chunk White Tuna in Water (it’s really the best choice). Next find a small cereal bowl, add two tablespoons of mayo (less or more to your preference), the contents of the can of tuna and about two teaspoons of Italian dressing, mix thoroughly with fork.

After you have fully mixed the tuna, your bread is likely ready, carefully remove it from the oven with a spatula. Place the bread on your cutting board.  Now, you need to slice four thin slices of the tomato.  Place the slices of tomato evenly on the piece of bread with the melted cheese, this allows the sandwich to stay together when you eating. Place the tuna mix on top of the tomato and add the last slice of bread on the tuna. Now, you must slice the sandwich diagonally, don’t ask why it just tastes better this way.

From your cupboard grab a plate and a bag of Lay’s Potato Chips or whatever brand of chips you prefer. From your refrigerator grab a jar of dill pickles. Open the bag of chips and place a handful on the plate next to the sandwich, which you have moved from the cutting board to the plate. Finally, open the pickle jar and take three medium size pickles and add them to your plate.  Take a seat on the couch with remote in hand and bite into an amazing tuna melt.

Of course after you enjoy the sandwich, you do have to clean-up your kitchen. I’m not very good at this step so I will let you fend for yourself.


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