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The internet and legality.

Posted on: January 12, 2010

The two don’t really seem to mix. Laws and the internet will never go hand in hand but today it is important to look at how and why they can work together to make the internet a safer place.  Firstly, it is important to try to understand how laws, which almost always vary but location, must somehow mesh  with the world wide web. When the internet was first invented and put into action is in not likely these kinds of issues were greatly considered, as making it work and going from there is often how technological advances happen.  Today there is intenet access in almost every corner of the globe and all those access points can reach the exact same information (unless it is government regulated).  What kinds of issues has this caused?

Libel is one issue that is happening everyday on the internet. However, this law is hard to prove, and as stated before we are often able to quickly edit internet content, especially if we re the creators. Thus, by the time one might get around to try to press charges around internet content, the content is likely gone or edited. Libel laws also vary widely depending on country and state, thus where and who often come into play and make if nearly impossible to prove cyber libel.

Geography isn’t the only factor to take into consideration when looking at internet laws. The internet today is a medium of great anonymity. Most of the time a bloggers avatar is far different from who that actually are, making it very hard, if not impossible to connect the two.  Often avatars causing trouble on the web are found through ISPs or technology means, and not by their name or photo.  However, it is also the case that some avatars are unable to be tracked, often they will delete pages, or their entire avatar if they suspect they could be in trouble.

The factors are just a few of the many that make internet law a very tough field.  Since technologies, website and avatars are constantly changing across the world, it is hard to pin down exactly how internet laws are best regulated.  Today it is a work in progress and will continue to evolve with the ever changing world wide web.


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