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Follow-Up on social media in business.

Posted on: December 8, 2009

This morning the 2009 Cisco Annual Security Report announced “Social Media Newest Playground for Cybercriminals”.  This means a lot for the use of social media in business, an article on  hightlights key points of the reports, quoting Patrick Peterson, Fellow and Cheif Researcher at Cisco: “The blending of social media for business and pleasure increases the potential for network security troubles, and people, not technology, can often be the source. Without proper cognizance of security threats, our natural inclination to trust our ‘friends’ can result in exposing ourselves, home computers and corporate networks to malware. The value of social media is becoming acknowledged increasingly by businesses, but these same organizations need to provide the proper training and education to ensure that employees avoid compromising themselves and their businesses.” (1)

This Cisco reports hightlights the important of smart social media use in all businesses.  Employees and social media can be a combination that can help an organization grow, yet it can also be a deadly combination. Be smart about how you plan for social media use within your organization, research, plan and educate you workforce!

Watch Patrick Peterson give full highlights  from the 2009 Report

1) Cisco: Social Media Newest Playground for Cybercriminals. (2009, December 8). Business, financial, personal finance news – Retrieved December 8, 2009, from


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