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Posted on: December 7, 2009

The growth in the social media arena came far faster than any other medium in history.  The changes and evolution that have taken place in the short life of this medium are staggering, and the future seems to be unpredictable. What site will be next in the spot light is hard to say, what the coming years will mean for social media is even hard to predict, all we know is social media seems to be here to stay. Social media has not only been embraced for personal use, it is now been pushed onto businesses.  Today, business not only need websites they are encourage to tweet and have a presence on facebook, as well as other social networking sites.

According to February 2009 Mashable article,

“It doesn’t matter if you’re on FacebookFacebookTwitterTwitterYouTubeYouTube,FlickrFlickr; your online personality is not only part of your overall brand, it becomes an interactive experience for you and your business. So, who is the face or voice of your brand and what do they share? It’s a very important decision in and of itself.

Just as you create branding guidelines and key messaging guides, so too should you dedicate time to creating your social media personality. There are multiple combinations that you can use to increase your brand visibility and converse with your customers.”(1)

This article, entitled, Social Media for Businesses: The Dos and Don’ts of Sharing goes on to bullet how to best brand yourself. These points show why, for business, embracing social media and controlling their brand message in these outlets is important and can be a helpful marketing tool.

Another good example of this is the slideshare  slideshow seen here. This show was compiled by Michael Specht in 2009.  The information presented is well organized and make a good case for why businesses should consider allowing social media use for employees in the work place. It is always important for businesses to think about how phenomena like social media can improve the productivity and the work environment.  It is also important to consider how banning social media might effect employees feelings towards a company. The bottom line is, rather than simply banning social media, all businesses should research, consider and plan their strategy and take a well thought out stand on social media at the work place. (2)

1) Evans, S. (2009, February 27). Social Media for Business: The Dos & Don’ts of Sharing. Social Media News and Web Tips – Mashable – The Social Media Guide. Retrieved December 7, 2009, from

2) Specht, M. (n.d.). Social Media in the Workplace. Upload & Share PowerPoint presentations and documents . Retrieved December 7, 2009, from


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