It's a social world out there.

Be Smart About It.

Posted on: November 29, 2009

This November 2009 article from Lawyers Weekly explains things brand managers need to keep in mind when in the social media realm,

“For all the benefits social media networking brings, Canadian brand owners and their legal advisers still must be proactive and vigilant in protecting their intellectual property in the U.S. Prior to tweeting or blogging about up and coming products, intent-to-use trade-mark or service mark applications should be filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Google now archives all tweets, making it even more important to use trade-marks correctly — used as adjectives rather than nouns — to avoid registered marks being deemed generic. Regular policing of marks can be accomplished by performing a search in the Twitter search box.

Companies need to keep a careful watch on social network sites to see how their marks are used by others as well as competitors. Social networking sites can also lead people to websites selling infringing and counterfeit goods, making it even more important to monitor sites for unlawful activities. The rules of comparative advertising are likely to apply to postings made on such sites. A cardinal rule is therefore to think before you tweet.” (1)

The above quote, while rather lengthy, illustrates well a how-to in smart use of social media tools.  I chose to use the entire quote here because each paragraph emphasizes an important concern businesses should have with regard to social media policy and use within a company. Many things need to be taken into considering before a social media strategy is put in place for a business. In today arena all business big and small should be taking advantage of social media, however, they must do so with a through plan behind them.

Businesses and individuals certainly both should be educated before jumping into the social media arena, they have their brands and their personal identities at stake, however, if used properly both will learn and benefit from today’s social media outlets.

1) Suzan, K. (2009, November 20). Working the Net. Lawyers Weekly. Retrieved November 28, 2009, from


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