It's a social world out there.

Final Paper Research Question

Posted on: November 22, 2009

My final research paper for this independent study will take a look at past, present and future developments in social media use. I find it necessary, in order to move forward with my studies of social media, to delve completely into where they came from.  In doing so I will take a look at who is currently most successful in the field, what sites, devices and applications have seen the most tenure success to date.  If successful, the final paper should be able to put together information from various sources in a way that will education on what social media may become in the future..  I will look at the reasons behind the rise of social media, as well as the reasons for the failure of many sites (including the counterpart – successes).  When I considered various topics for this paper I found myself coming back to this, recap of sorts, wanting to ensure I understand the backbone of what has become a world wide phenomenon.  In order to better understand and work with social media I find it vital look closely at each of the above areas closely. Sources will include journal, magazine and newspaper articles, as well as, various scholarly pieces.


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