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When I was an undergrad…

Posted on: November 15, 2009

When I began college at Quinnipiac University in the fall of 2003 all the freshman received  a “facebook”, yes that was actually what we called it.  Although, this book was an actual physical, tangible book with pages.  It showed each freshman, their hometown, major and interests.  It seemed so trivial when I walked into registration and received such a thing, today – it makes total sense. During that year in 2003, we referred to that book many times, “you know so-and-so? with the long blond hair.” (grab the facebook).  It was that same year, Kate (one of my floor-mates) has friends at UMASS-Amherst, they got We began logging onto their pages and searching friends, viewing profiles of people she knew. These activities took hours, we found mutual friends, cute boys, etc.  We found it extremely entertaining.

Today, as I sit in a hotel in Charleston, SC., visiting and looking for jobs, a moment hasn’t past that I couldn’t see what each of my friends were doing because of social networking sites such as facebook and twitter.  I have been updated each hour when I have a few moments on what’s going on via my Iphone.  I check e-mail, twitter and facebook regularly when I have down moments throughout my day. I know live a life I did not now know in the fall of 2003.  During my recent trip I have blogged, e-mailed, texted, tweeted and facebooked updates and pictures of my travels, I have been constantly connected. Social media and mobilization are now one in the same – we need both.

“Recently, Advertising Age reported on the 400% surge in mobile video uploads to YouTube, attributed to the new iPhone 3GS. Beyond the implications of what that may mean for the value of ad inventory on YouTube, one thing is clear: There is an inseparable link between social media and mobile devices.

As the capabilities of these devices expand, we can expect that updating social-network sites via mobile will continue to increase and may eventually even surpass the wired web. Social networks like Twitter and Facebook are remarkably dependent on mobile access for the value they provide to their users. I would also argue that mobile status updates are, by their very nature, timelier, more relevant and potentially more interesting to their readers.” (1)

In the six years since I began studying communications at Quinnipiac almost everything about how we as a society communicate daily.  We now rely on the internet, mobile phones and social media to read about and report news. We have entered the new age of communications.

1)Lewin, W., & anytime.. (n.d.). How to Mobilize Your Social Media – Advertising Age – DigitalNext. Advertising Age – Ad & Marketing Industry News. Retrieved November 15, 2009, from


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