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Independent Study ICM 530 – Social Media – From A – Z

Posted on: October 14, 2009

Social media has evolved a great deal in  the recent years.  Whether you use a cell phone, smartphone, PC or Mac you know many aspect of technology are now about connection.  Interactive communication technologies have allowed us to become a global community – we can now interact with people across the world seamlessly, and we do ever. The statistics, although they seem to change by the hour, they certainly say one thing, people spend a great deal of time using social media and networking tools.  The use of these tools has changed the way we learn, connect and communicate. This independent study will explore the foundation of social media, its evolution to-date and finally take a stab at researching what the future holds. The 7-week study will follow the below plan to ensure in-depth exploration of the topic:

  • Week 1 – The Basics – The where, when, why and how of social media.
  • Week 2 – Social Networking – An in-depth look at social networking sites including facebook, twitter and linkedin, as well as various other blog sites.
  • Week 3 – Social Media and Mobility
  • Week 4 – Social Media and its Effect on Education – Students and Teachers
  • Week 5 – Rewards and Risks of Social Media Employment
  • Week 6 – Personal vs. Professional Use of Social Media
  • Week 7 – Conclusion – Final Paper

Each week I will write two 300 word blog posts regarding readings on the topics, I am in the process of putting together articles and books on each section and will have this to Sharon Kleinman before the start of the course.  During Week 4 I will form a research question proposal for the final paper to Sharon Kleinman for approval, with this I will include a self-assessment of the work completed that point.  During Week 5 I will make a formal proposal of the sources I will be using for the paper.  At the end of week 7 I will provide a 2,500 word paper using resources I found throughout the course to summarize my findings.


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