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The Ultimate

Posted on: August 2, 2009

Do you like to eat? Me too, and that’s why I watch Tyler’s Ultimate. This Food Network show hosted by Tyler Florence, gives food lovers who watch from locations across the country the ‘ultimate’ take on meals of all varieties. Whether you are looking to make some good straightforward soul food like macaroni and cheese, or impress that special someone during a dinner date with some beef wellington, you will get what all you need by simply watching an episode of Tyler’s Ultimate.

If you are a true food lover, I can only assume you are still reading, and I can promise this will be worth it. I, love food of all kinds, and that is why I love the Food Network. There was a time when watching cooking shows may have been for those with extra time on their hands, or dare I say, the elderly? Today this has drastically changed. The Food Network has undoubtedly altered how people think about and watch cooking and culinary centered shows. This is explained in an article on Gourmet Ads,

“No matter where on the globe you are located, the popularity of cooking shows in the past few years has seen significant growth. Sure this has been fueled by celebrity chefs, but it’s actually a barometer to the interest people have these days about food, cooking and everything in between. There is no doubt that this trend has helped TV networks such The Food Network grow massive TV audiences.” (1)

People today are interested in how and what they eat. They want to see ingredients, see dishes come together and enjoy the final product, The Food Network has made cooking exciting, they have done so extremely successfully. Whether it is Rachel Rae, Paula Deen, Ina Garten or Tyler Florence, The Food Network has made these household names that have become part of kitchens across the country. Cooks can go to The Food Network in different ways for countless different needs.

The Food Network has explanded from just a cable television station to a providing a well designed website with all the recipes seen on their shows. Not only do cooks look here for recipes and dinner ideas, they can simple put in a few ingredients and get recipes that include those, get holiday party ideas or find located eateries seen on the channels Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. The channel and the website compliment each other well, that relationship is just another example of how well The Food Network has their offerings down to a science.

Having watched all the shows The Food Network has to offer, as well as cooking with many of the recipes from these shows, I can tell you from experience that Tyler’s Ultimate is the very best.

What does he do differently from the many other talented chefs on The Food Network? Tyler offers balance in all areas of his culinary offering. While Tyler presents recipes that vary from a quick burger to an all-day pork roast dinner, he finds balance in his performance, presentation and how-to. As a novice cook at best I find solace in how Tyler makes even complex culinary processes seem doable. I have not found many other chefs that allow for this kind of calm feeling when cooking.

Tyler speaks to his audience in a way that not only gets them excited about what is cooking but also keeps them thinking, ‘Yeah, I can do that!’. It is not easy to present many of the recipes he does in such a way. His demeanor is only compliments by the green and bronze undertones of the kitchen through which he presents his ultimate offerings. He more fully compliments his recipes with how to save extras, reuse and make the best use of ingredients that may otherwise be thrown out.

Ok, so I have given you a lot of good reasons to watch and try out some of Tyler’s offerings, but there is a bottom line here and I can promise if you watch once you will be back for more. This relies on the simple fact that we eat with our eyes first and Tyler knows how to make his food look good, I mean really good. In watching Tyler’s Ultimate I have found myself wanting to try dishes and foods that I know I don’t like for the simple fact that his preparation and presentation are stellar. Tyler is a genuine guys who presents some amazing ultimate meals, you have to check it out, I can promise you will not be disappointed. So, whatever are you having for dinner tonight, make it ultimate.

1) Christie, Benjamin (2009, May 8). Advertising Cooking Shows. Retrieved August 2, 2009, from Gourmet Ads Web site:


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