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Slideshow – sorry it’s late to be clever.

Posted on: July 27, 2009


4 Responses to "Slideshow – sorry it’s late to be clever."

Good topic, and good work. A couple of notes. Watch out for the “put subtitle here”. Also, it’s clear the audio is timed to the slides, rather than the other way around. As I noted, silence can be a good tool, when it’s used with intention, but unintentionally, it just seems awkward. A little bit of patchiness there at the end in the narrative, as well.

It’s hard to get away from reading, I know, but practice. Think about what you are saying as you are saying it, and who you are trying to reach. Picture them starting to lose your voice, daydream. And then *implore* them to listen a little longer. The text itself is good, but you need to think about how to use the pitch of your voice to really try to draw the listener in.

As I said: good topic, and a really good effort.

Thanks Professor, oddly enough, I didn’t read at all, I “tried” to speak freely, and in the beginning did ok but was losing train of thought by the end, as you could tell. I was surprised at how well this kind of thing worked in imovie, a huge improvement from what I would have gotten from ppt. Do you think this is something I could and/or should rework for the final week?

Up to you. I was aiming for more of the text, but I think a few people are interested in improving their presentations instead and that works for me. If you were to have another go at it, I would say think about bringing up the pace a bit. Maybe record your audio track at a good pace (not beyond where you are comfortable, but get excited and you’ll naturally speak a little quicker), then edit your visuals to match that pace.

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