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Who I am.

Posted on: July 9, 2009

Who hasn’t been asked to introduce themselves, say where they came from and a little something about themselves, we all have a hundred times over. So here it is, I am Carly, a student a masters of science interactive communications programs online through Quinnipiac University.  Why do people want this information if they are likely to never meet me?  We as humans feel the need to communicate.  We want to know one another, either by name, face or blog title and that is why I am here, I love to communicate with other humans.

My mom always told me to stop asking people I didn’t know so many questions. Whether we were at the grocery store, a neighbors house or a family gathering I was always chatting with people I didn’t know. However, I was also usually telling them exactly what I thought.  Whether it was saying that I thought someones shoes were ugly or telling a classmater in first grade she smelled like pee (which she did), my mother was usually horrified.  Trying over and over to teach me to ‘think before you speak’.  Yet, then and even into today I have trouble not telling people how it is.  I am honest, some would say brutally honest, but none the less I try to communicate my thoughts and feelings to others in the best, and of course, most honest way I know how. Clearly how I handled myself in elementary school has been tamed by life lessons my own social evolution, I still find it hard to not tell people how I feel, I would say I have grown into someone who is able to communicate well both online and offline.  

I am an honest young professional who is working and, of course taking part in this online graduate program in interactive communications. I feel strongly about what I do in both my professional and educational fields.  I work in an all-girls independent boarding and day school for girls in grades 7-12 called Stoneleigh-Burnham School.  As the website manager, communications associate, house parent and photo journalism teacher this year I was able to fully immerse myself in the lives of many young girls.  Their education and well-being became part of my everyday thoughts. I enjoyed every minute I was able to effect these young women. I was also able to become fully aware of how much interactive communications technologies change how the socialize and interact. It is amazing to consider how much these technologies have evolved in their lifetime.  They do not know a life without a cell phone, maybe even an iphone. They need to be constantly connected, while older generations are adapting to these changes and learning how to best implement them into everyday life, teens know only they are part of life, and to many a vital part.  The lives of these young women are part of who I am, and it has been amazing watching them learn and grow, I look forward to continuing this during the coming year. I’m sure that wasn’t news to most of you who have read my rants about adolescents and ICT use over and over through this program. 

When I am not at work or on duty I do homework, this is usually a time when I learn why my girls are using ICTs so much and how this effects them . I really enjoy reading about mobile communications technologies and where all the ICTs will go from here. This program is part of my everyday life, so for now, it is part of who I am. 

Of course, being a single 24-year old I enjoy going out for a few beverages after work. I attempt to golf once and awhile. I guess I’m pretty average, but you can be sure I will tell you what I think and it is my hope that when I do it is clearly communicated whether we are in the real or virtual world. I look forward to working with all of you this semester!


2 Responses to "Who I am."

Enjoyed reading your post. Always good to be as specific as possible in your writing, and let the generalities naturally bubble up from specific instances. What should the reader learn from your memoir? You don’t need to tell us, but it should try to circle around a meaningful episode that is fairly specific…

Hey Carly, great post. I took a class with you last semester and aside from your sweet flash skills I didn’t really get to know much about you so it was nice to learn who you are. At the end when you said “This program is part of my everyday life, so for now, it is part of who I am.” I didn’t really think of it that way but your so right, as much as I don’t want to admit it ICTs are so dominant in my life, it really has become a part of who I am, how I think write talk… everything. Yikes!

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